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Landscaping and Property Maintenance North Vancouver

Since 1987 we have been committed to Vancouver residents by implementing ecological, efficient, and affordable methods to satisfy the landscaping needs in homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland.​

Helpful Home Services is dedicated to helping general contractors - architects - real estate developers - residential and commercial builders complete their projects by providing high quality work backed by 30+ years of experience in the construction industry

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now".


“Jorge and his team took the landscape design and installed it, transforming our property from an uninspiring yard to "our little piece of Paradise". We couldn't be more delighted with the result! It is now a space where we are pleased to host friends and extended family, and they are thrilled to enjoy the beautiful environment with us. Thank you, Jorge, for the many thoughtful and unique touches you added to our yard, and for your craftsmanship and professionalism. Everything you have built speaks of the quality and attention you have given to it. My family and I will genuinely enjoy what you and your team have worked so hard to create for many years to come.”

Barbara N.


Our work

Transform Your North Vancouver Landscape with Helpful Home Services

Outdoor settings should be as well-maintained as indoors in your sanctuary. Helpful Home Services is famous in North Vancouver for turning your landscape into a beautiful and useful outdoor retreat. Our dedication to landscaping, landscape design, installations, property upkeep, and garden remodeling makes us your valued partner in beautifying and fictionalizing your outside spaces.

North Vancouver's Premier Landscaping Services: Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

North Vancouver's unique environment makes outdoor spaces important, and Helpful Home Services understands that. Our goal is to be the area's top landscaping company. We are proud of our experienced and committed landscaping crew who will make your fantasies come true.

From consultation to landscaping completion, we strive for excellence. We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home and work to make it beautiful, functional, and pleasant.

Introduction to Helpful Home Services and our commitment to top-notch landscaping

Helpful Home Services has served North Vancouver for [X years] on the principles of ethics, excellence, and client satisfaction. We are known for our landscaping reliability and quality. Our employees love what they do and take pride in providing high-quality solutions tailored to your vision.

Landscape Design Expertise: Crafting Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Spaces

A well-designed landscape is art that beautifies and functions your property. Helpful Home Services provides a variety of landscape design services to make your outdoor space beautiful and functional. We specialize in unique landscape designs that match your style and preferences. We have the skills to create a tranquil garden, an inviting patio, or a sustainable landscape with native plants. We design for your needs based on site layout, climate, and lifestyle.

Landscape Installations: Bringing Your Dream Landscape to Life

Well-planned design is just the start. Professional landscaping installations by Helpful Home Services bring your fantasy landscape to life. We know that quality materials and craftsmanship are essential for a long-lasting landscape.

Our skilled installers meticulously complete every step, from hardscaping to planting. We use premium materials and the best techniques to create a landscape that exceeds your expectations.

Property Maintenance for Lasting Beauty: Care That Keeps Your Landscape Thriving

Keep your landscape beautiful and healthy to prolong its life. Helpful Home Services provides year-round property maintenance to maintain your landscape health. Our experts protect the beauty and functioning of your outdoor environment.

We provide lawn care, irrigation maintenance, seasonal clean-ups, and pest control to keep your landscape healthy. We personalize our care programs to your landscape's needs to keep it inviting and lively.

Garden Renovation: Breathing New Life into Your North Vancouver Garden

Over time, gardens can become overgrown or weak. Our garden renovation skills help here. We transform North Vancouver gardens into beautiful, usable spaces. We prune, replant, and redesign your garden layout to make it more attractive and functional. Our team has the expertise to make your outside space a source of pride and delight, whether you wish to renovate or build a garden.

Finally, Helpful Home Services is your North Vancouver landscaping and outdoor space partner. Our dedication to excellence, unique ideas, professional installs, and continuing care keeps your outside space beautiful and enjoyable year-round. Contact us immediately to make your North Vancouver landscaping inviting and functional.


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